The Deep

by Oakley Grenell

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Out in the garden shed, it's that project that every kiwi guy quietly tinkers away on.  A couple of hours each evening, and in the weekend, and then some time later that guy emerges from the shed with his refurbished classic car or superbly crafted carpentry project. This project is just like that except the tinker is an album and the shed is a studio and the guy is Oakley Grenell emerging with his 11th album 'The Deep'.
For twelve years, Grenell’s been steadily releasing projects under his own Central Records and heading up bands that include The Otautahi Allstars, Departure Lounge, The Eskimo Squad and his former production moniker OG. Now simply known as Oakley Grenell, his latest production effort sees him solidify his production style with his most confident and personal album to date.
Stripped back, slow burning Pacific soul with flourishes of hip hop, The Deep combines Oakley's production with live instrumentation. He takes up guitar duties alongside some of his favourite Christchurch instrumentalists including brother Redford Grenell on drums - recorded at the family farm in Whitecliffs - and guest keys from NZ's own maestro expat Mark de Clive-Lowe.

Featured guests on this album reads something like a producer's Christmas wishlist; with a strong line-up of local and international talents, including vocalists Mark Vanilau, Iva Lamkum, Lisa Tomlins, MCs KPz & Stauny (Sunshine Soundsystem), JDouble (aka JDubs), Raiza Biza, Charmed 1 and USA based MCs Cazeaux O.S.L.O, John Robinson & Ohmega Watts. The Deep album was mixed by The Nomad and mastered in LA by Dave Cooley (J Dilla / Stones Throw).

Despite the many talented guests, The Deep remains Oakley's most intimate album to date focusing on positive themes such as new love.  Oakley contributed to most of the writing and even lends his vocals for the first time to his song Thinkin.
"This album took a long time to produce but I'm really proud of it,” says Grenell. "It is definitely my most personal album and is also the first album where I have contributed this many lyrics and recorded my own vocals- which is something I hope to continue with. Having such an amazing cast of talented collaborators on The Deep is such a blessing and getting Dave Cooley to master it is the icing on the cake as I am a huge Dilla fan". 

Oakley Grenell’s ‘The Deep’ will be available through Central Records / Border on the 12th of September


released September 12, 2014

Central Records 011

Produced by Oakley Grenell
Mixed & Dubbed by The Nomad
Additional Mixing by John Hooves Clayton & Oakley Grenell
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters

Recorded at Central Records Studios: Whitecliffs Farm, Ryan St Christchurch, Abbotsford / Northcote Melbourne.
Additional recording at Audio Centric Christchurch, Audio Mechanics Studios Wellington, Britten Motion Pictures Studios Auckland.

Art Design by Pete Howard
Photo by George Arthur Pictures

23 Days ft. Roslen Langton & Ohmega Watts
Music by O.Grenell, Words by O.Grenell and M.Campbell
Mark Vanilau: Vocals
Tamara Smith: Flute
O.Grenell: Production

Hold The Phone ft. KPz & Mark Vanilau
Music by O.Grenell, Words by O.Grenell, K.Popham and M.Vanilau
Jo Barus: Bass
Redford Grenell: Scratching, Clave
O.Grenell: Production, Acoustic Guitars

Happenin' ft. Stauny Pops & JDouble
Music by O.Grenell, Words by S.Popham and B.James
Roslen Langton: Vocals
Darren Pickering: Keys, Synth
Jo Barus: Bass
Tamara Smith: Flute
Redford Grenell: Drums, Percussion, Scratching
O.Grenell: Production, Piano, Keys, Guitars

Thinkin ft. Oakley Grenell, Stauny Pops & KPz
Music by O.Grenell, Words by O.Grenell, S.Popham and K.Popham
Darren Pickering: Keyboard Solo
Redford Grenell: Live Drums
O.Grenell: Production, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys.

We On It Now ft. Raiza Biza & Iva Lamkum
Music by O.Grenell, Words by R.Ruzibiza and I.Lamkum
Mark de Clive-Lowe: Organ solo
O.Grenell: Production, Acoustic Guitar, Keys.

Lady ft. Mark Vanilau & Cazeaux O.S.L.O
Music by O.Grenell, Words by O.Grenell and D.Wagner
Darren Pickering: Piano
Roslen Langton: Vocals
Jo Barus: Bass
Redford Grenell: Live Drums
O.Grenell: Production, Guitars

Doors ft. Lisa Tomlins & John Robinson
Music by O.Grenell and Clive-Lowe, Words by L.Tomlins and J.Robinson
Mark de Clive-Lowe: Organ, Keys
O.Grenell: Production, Bass, Guitars

Be ft. Charmed 1, Roslen Langton & Cazeaux O.S.L.O
Music by O.Grenell, Words by O.Grenell and D.Wagner
Darren Pickering: Keys, Keys Solo
Isaac Aesili: Trumpet
Redford Grenell: Live Drums
O.Grenell: Production, Keys, Bass, Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Rugged n Raw ft. KPz & JDouble
Music by O.Grenell, Words by K.Popham and B.James
Darren Pickering: Keyboard Bass
Redford Grenell: Live Drums (outro)
O.Grenell: Production, Guitar, Keys

Dihaa ft. KPz & Stauny Pops
Music by O.Grenell, Words by K.Popham and S.Popham
O.Grenell: Production, Guitars, Keys

Oakley Grenell
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